Metro Wide Format, LLC was founded by professionals with over 25 years combined experience in the wide format and office equipment industry. Servicing the New York / Metro area, we are committed to providing our customers with competitively-priced high-quality equipment, serviced by certified and reliable technicians.

Metro Wide Format, LLC offers a wide range of office solutions. You’ll find everything from digital multi-function copiers to wide format equipment along with everything in between. Whether you are looking for a desktop printer or a fully loaded digital office machine, our team of professionals is available to help you make the correct choice for your office.

Metro Wide Format also focuses on providing our customers with alternative, cost-effective printing options designed to reign in printing costs. One of our cost-effective solutions is for customers to lease their own printing equipment through us.

Unlike most other office equipment companies, we don’t gouge our customers with outrageous “click” or “CPC” charges. If you choose a Cost per Copy program (CPC) we’ll work with your company to find a dollar amount that works. Regarding wide-format printing, many companies in the NYC metro area pay a premium for printing large format documents. These companies are held hostage by reprographic companies who’ll place machines in their businesses only to overcharge for the usage.

We do business differently. We offer legitimate low cost leases on printing equipment, along with competitively priced supplies and service designed to help you manage your printing budget.

Finally, whether you choose a service contract for your new office equipment / wide-format machine, or choose to go with a “time and material” on-call agreement instead, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our charges.

Our philosophy is simple: offer quality products and services at fair prices and develop honest relationships with all our customers. They come to us expecting nothing less and we don’t disappoint. We hope you’ll consider joining us.